Alex Thiel



It was a Saturday afternoon in March 2016, and Alex Thiel was bored. During that time, the Jackson-native musician's longtime progressive-metal trio, Carlos Danger, was going through a slow breakup, and he wanted to work on a project that would send his music in a new direction. To do that, he decided to turn to something old. "I had some bits and pieces and odd ends of electronic, sort-of poppier music that I'd had in a folder for years," Thiel says. "I'd start something, get about halfway done and say, 'Ah, I'll finish it later. I'm busy playing prog-metal.' After Carlos quit being a thing (in summer 2016), I kind of said, 'Well, I've got this. I'd love to finish it. I'd love to get it off my hard drive and out into the world.'" Over the past year,...

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